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I am a qualified Acting Coach and Trainer (MA) with over twenty years professional teaching experience. I developed The Green Screen & CGI Acting Technique, the first and only training system of its kind designed to prepare performers working on green screen and with CGI. I teach private classes, workshops, courses and master classes at many of our leading training establishments including RADA, Royal Central, the Actors Centre London, and for the DFX artists at The National Film and Television School.

​As an acting coach I assist actors working in environments where imagination is key to a performance (e.g. period drama, green screen shoots, mocap volumes, CG performances), and assist VFX supervisors prior to shoot days, in rehearsal, and on set.

So whether you're an established actor, a newly fledged graduate, a celebrity moving into the world of acting, a character actor wanting to fine-tune a performance, a screen actor stuck in a casting-rut, a VFX supervisor, or games designer... I'd be delighted to hear from you!